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RACE Team Members

Organisational structure and the team of RACE......


Project Management Unit (PMU)

S.N. Designation Name
1. Project Director Mr. A. K. Singh
2. Project head Mr. Mahendra Kumar
3. Project In-Charge Ms. Nirjharini Rath
4. Finance officer Mr. Bhawanand Jha
5. Communication Expert- Mrs. Nisha Tripathi
6. Clean Energy Expert Mr. Amit Kumar
7. Clean Energy Solution Coordinator Mr. Kuldeep Mehta
8. Accountant Mr. Satish Kumar Mallick
9. Accountant Mr. Rakesh Choudhary

District Wise HR Details

Designation Ranchi Gumla Simdega Khunti
District Project Manager Sanjay Kumar Singh Yougesh Rai Yogesh Kumar Anand Tripathi
Block Coordinator Shalini Lakra Bipin Tiwari Narendra Mishra Anant Tanti
Community Mobilizer 1. Ajay Khacchap
2. Shailesh Minz
3. Sushil Lakra
4. Dharmendra Toppo
1. Priti Kumari
2. Rakesh Kherwal,
3. Dhanbir Oraon
4. Shartrudhan Lakra
1. Lalbahadur Singh
2. Akash Kr. Singh
3. Avinash Nayak
4. Vikash Nayak
1. Nandlal Manjhi
2. Ahishek Rahul Pardhia
3. Grace Tina
4. Archana Nag

Organisational structure and the team proposed for the implementation of the action

LEADS is responsible for overall management of the project. A Project Management Unit (PMU) and District Project Units (DPU) are proposed under the project. These units are comprise of full time and shared staffs across the project applicants. Steering Committee (SC): is facilitate the smooth implementation of the proposed action. The SC is consist of representative from LEADS, World Vision and Vikas Bharati. The SC is meet half yearly and /or sooner as and when necessary if there are specific issues to be addressed between the agencies and the project management.

Central Coordination Office
  • Project Director is overall responsibility for quality control, reporting and meeting objectives of the project. The person will provide overall guidance and direction to the project. S/he will also ensure that expected results and outputs as set out by the project are met.
  • Clean Energy Expert is the overall responsibility to provide technical inputs, guidance and Networking on clean energy issues to the project.
  • Communication Expert works towards visibility requirements of EU, collecting human interest stories and beneficiary testimonials from the ground and developing wider lobby, advocacy campaigns using different communication channels, at a strategic level.
  • Finance Officer provides technical input to ensure financial management, procurement procedures and systems and budgetary control in conjunction with EU guidelines. He will ensure financial compliance of the EU and prepare financial reports to be reported to EU.

Project Management unit (PMU)
  • Project Lead is a Rights Based expert and responsible for overall programme and stakeholder coordination at the state level. Responsible for day-to-day management, supervision and timely implementation of the project as guided by the action proposal. The PL is also responsible for Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) and manage project information and knowledge generated through AKVO.
  • Clean Energy Solutions (CES) Coordinator closely involved with partner organisations and CSOs for capacity building on CES aspects.
  • Accountant is ensuring the financial compliance, EU procurement guidelines and timely reporting.

District Project Units (DPU) at District level- Khunti, Ranchi, Simdega and Gumla

District Project Units managed by LEADS. Each unit consist of one senior Project in-charge who is a senior development professional or Director of the organisation. he gives at least 30% of his time and involve in project guidance, advocacy and networking issues at district and state level. The project run on a day to day basis by District Project Manager involved and coordinates the activities at the district and state level with different stakeholders. There is a Block coordinator who l coordinates activities at the block and panchayat level. There is community mobilizers who will be involved in day to day activities at the village, panchayat and block levels.