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About RACE

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Target Group

Target Group

The action will follow the framework (Figure No. 1) which illustrates the process, actions and synergy to conduct Rights based approach for CES in the rural areas in Jharkhand. The project emphasizes on the building of platforms for dialogue and collaborations on issues of CES at village, block, district and state level.

The project creates awareness on issues, needs, benefits, schemes and programs on CES through
  • Regular meeting with the local Authorities, PRIs, CSOs, Private sector, CSR agencies and community people.
  • Strategic use of advocacy and media is done through - accessible IEC material distribution, Street plays, Wall writings, Radio programs, Movie kits, CES Mobile App and mobile van Demonstrations, School basedevents, training and workshops, etc. in order to create an enabling and positive environment on CES in the project area.
  • Forums and Networks will be formed and mobilized with clear roles and responsibilities atvillage, block, district and state levels. Meetings, trainings and workshops and multi-stakeholder dialogues will be conducted at regular interval within the forums that will undertake dialogues, advocacy and lobbying issues on CES with the relevant duty bearers and policy makers.
  • Face to face meetings, subject specific trainings, workshops and consultations will be organised regularly to engage various stakeholders.
  • In order to further motivate and use the fertile ground of the mobilized local authorities, CSOs and communities; and to attract Private sector, Banks and Micro-Finance institutions (MFIs) on CES, the projectproposes to create skills and entrepreneurship environment on clean energy business model through multi-stakeholder consultations, technical Skills and entrepreneurial trainings to rural youth.
  • Business models on CES will be created through Green Business Challenge, seed funding for young entrepreneurs, use of CES mobile app technology, media coverage, etc. The action is based on the right based approach and will be composed of two inter-linked approaches - Extensive and Intensive approaches.
  • Evidences and Models developed in the intensive approach will form the basis for lobbying with duty bearers in the extensive approach. The intensive approach will be done in 343 villages in 4 blocks of 4 districts (Gumla, Khunti, Ranchi and Simdega) of Jharkhand.