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ICCO Cooperation

ICCO Cooperation is a global, non-governmental organization, which mission is to end poverty and injustice in developing countries. From a coherent Theory of Change ICCO Cooperation designs, manages, implements and finances programs for inclusive development with focus on economic empowerment of smallholders, food and nutrition security, responsible business and emergency response. Gender, climate and the rights of marginalized groups are cross- cutting issues in our programs.


For ICCO Cooperation, being social responsible is a part of who we are, why we exist and do our work: to create a just world without poverty securing sustainable livelihoods and justice & dignity for all. In all countries we are working, we aim to make a difference by acting socially responsible and promoting social responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a subject that touches ICCO in different ways:
  1. The way we organize our operational processes (here referred to as internal CSR policy).
  2. The way and extent to which we promote CSR as part of our core business (here referred to as external CSR policy). CSR has been part of ICCO’s programmatic work for many years.
  3. In 2014 ICCO adopted its first CSR policy. This paper gives an overview of what ICCO is doing to meet CSR criteria.

For ICCO it is important to have a comprehensive CSR policy for the following reasons:
  1. Core theme: Responsible Business or CSR, promoting responsible business practices by private companies respecting human rights, is one of ICCO’s core themes.
  2. Practice what you preach’. If we question our (business) partners on their CSR policy and practice we should be able to answer these questions about our own organization as well.
  3. Image: if outsiders (press, potential back donors or others) ask us about our CSR policy and practice we need a clear answer.
  4. Donor requirements: an explicit CSR policy is required by some of ICCO’s donors, and it is also a requirement for our ISO Partos1 9001 certificat