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Empowering Community for better tomorrow
A relentless action since 1983

Vikas Bharti Bishunpur is a registered non-profit, Voluntary Organization, established on 14th Jan 1983. Vikas Bharti is an organisation working in parts of Jharkhand which has been severely affected by left wing extremism for years. During the past 35 years the organisation have demystified the illusive thinking of ensuring community participation in the development initiatives of the state in these naxal affected areas. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the organisation has demonstrated a tribal development model for naxal hit areas, which can be replicated in other parts of the country facing similar socio-political situation. Vikas Bharti has been working in different thematic areas as Education, Health & Sanitation, Agriculture Skill Development & Entrepreneurship and Community Mobilization.

Education Promotion:

Ever since its inception, educational promotion of the children belonging to most vulnerable communities has received top priority in the agenda of Vikas Bharti Bishunpur. Intervention of Vikas Bharti Bishunpur in the field of education encompasses five different areas.


It has supported to establish four formal schools in Bishunpur block. The main motto of setting up these schools was to mainstream the out of school and school drop-out children belonging to the most vulnerable group and also to provide them quality education. All these schools set up in 1987 have provision for teaching from Class-I to Class-X.

Residential Centers :

The organization is providing opportunity for both boys and girls of Tribal and deprived communities to reside in residential mode and continue their education either in organization supported schools or any formal schools. The centre is fully equipped with good infrastructure, logistic facilities, academic support and homely atmosphere which encourages children towards their proper overall development. These ashrams were established in 1987. At present in 12 ashrams more than 1000 tribal girls and boys are getting benefit. Besides organsiation is running Children Home, After Care Home, Nari Niketan in three Districts of Jharkhand.

Innovations in Partnership with State Government :

The organization is furnishing technical support to the Govt. schools as well as running PVTG Girls residential school in partnership mode.

  • Adim Janjatiya Balika Awasiya Vidyalaya, Tushgaon, Dist.- Gumla in PPP mode with Tribal Welfare Department since 2009.
  • Intervention in Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya with Education Department and SAVE THE CHILDREN since 2014.
  • Veer Budhu Bhagat Vidyalaya and Singi Dei Vidyalaya has been handed over to the organization by the Tribal welfare department, Government of Jharkhand in 2016.
  • Utpreran Kendra (Motivational Centre) under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (S.S.A).

Coaching Centers :

For personality development of Tribal youths the organization is replenishing additional support in academics, communication and behavior through coaching under “Tribal Study Centre (TSC)”, Ranchi.
Empowerment of divyang children through academic and vocational support: Since the year 1986 The ashrams offer the residential facilities and education to the Divyang children as well as normal children. These Children belong to the tribal groups , mainly orphans, handicapped and migrant laborers.

Coaching Centers :
  • Improved literacy rate, especially amongst girl child. Around 40,000 children mainstreamed into formal education.
  • Every Year more than 50 boys and girls studying in schools run by Vikas Bharti Bishunpur are getting opportunities to continue their education in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya and Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidylaya.
  • Child trafficking and early child marriages have been reduced by 80% by running residential schools and Ashrams.

Health, Sanitation and Nutrition:

Over last couple of decades, Vikas Bharti Bishunpur has been administering various Health activities in almost all the districts of Jharkhand. Purpose of taking up of those activities is to bring improvement in the health status of the poor people from vulnerable communities residing in hard to reach areas. In view of improving the health scenario in Jharkhand, the organization has two dimensions, viz., making access to health services to the targeted population at their doorsteps and provide technical support to the government for effective implementation of the programme.

Health Services
  • Dispensary Jeevan Jyoti Arogya Niketan Set up in 1984 at Bishunpur and lending basic health care services to the people from adjourning blocks of Gumla, Lohardaga & Latehar. In 2017 this dispensary has been revamped and a 14 bedded Hospital has been established with the name of great PTG leader Sukka Birijia Hospital

  • National Mobile Medical Unit Providing Health services through 27 Mobile Medical Vans in 24 districts to the doorsteps of the public in the rural areas from 2006. It also provides diagnostic facilities, curative and preventive health services such as immunization, antenatal and post natal care and general OPD services to reduce maternal and infant mortality.

  • 50 bedded rural Hospital in remote area of East Sighbhum: This Hospital situated at Banmakri under Gurabanda block of East Singhbhum at remote location about 23 km. away from the NH33. It is a successful example of public private partnership between Vikas Bharti Bishunpur and Tribal Welfare Department, Govt. of Jharkhand. It is providing various types of medical services for treatment of patient in OPD / IPD, X-rays facilities, pathological test facilities, major and minor operations, institutional delivery, ECG, Ultrasound, Ambulance, Eye Care Unit, ENC-PNC etc.

  • Promotion of Herbal Medicine – The organization has developed a herbal medicinal plant farm at Balatu in Bishunpur Gumla. It closely works with the community on the use of Herbal plants and documents the indigenous method of its use and capacity building of the community for its plantation and processing.

Water Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH)

For last 30 years Vikas Bharti Bishunpur has been striving for making the villagers aware about the significance of conservation of water, use of safe drinking water, significance of practicing good personal and community hygiene by conducting several activities like community mobilization, awareness campaign against diarrhea and malaria, harvesting of rain water, promotion of Bora Bandh through community participation, importance of hand washing, rendering services in toilet construction, plantation and strengthening of Govt., Frontline workers, Jal Sahiya, VWSC and local governance system through workshops, seminars, sammelans on different issues.
Special Achievement : Block Dulmi of Ramgarh district of Jharkhand was the first block which has let to declare as ODF (Open Defecations Free) block through rigorous effort by the Vikas Bharti Bishunpur supported by UNICEF in the year 2015-16.


The organization deals with the problem of mal-nutrition through piloting innovative project named Karuna on one hand while streamlining the existing structure of Anganwadi Centers by providing training to the workers and awareness generation through various activities like facilitation of community bodies, promotion of nutritional garden at school, anganwadi centers and individual levels.

The Impact
  • Better health, sanitation, hygiene and nutritional status. Health service delivery to over 66 lakh patients through MMU.
  • More than 15000 families every year getting benefit from the dispensary and Hospitals run by the organization.
  • Increased community awareness on Health, Sanitation and nutrition measures.

Agriculture Livelihood and Skill Development:

Ensuring Livelihood Security to all the people at their working age has been one of the prime objectives of the organization through On-farm, Non-farm & Skill Development activities.
On-farm activities – It includes Agro Horticulture promotional activities like introduction of Modern Farm practices, Farm inputs, Development of Nutritional Garden, promotion of social forestry, crop demonstrations, soil and water conservation, rain-water harvesting and rational use of irrigation water, etc.
The Krishi Vigyan Kendra in Gumla is providing Technical support to the farmers for innovations of agriculture technologies in the farm and capacity building of the farmers for promotion of production and generating self employment. The intervention of Horticulture development programme is for economic development of farmers in Latehar, Logardaga, Gumla, West Singhbhum and Jamtara district.
Seed village programme, NICRA (National Innovation in Climate Resilient Agriculture), AICRP (All India Coordinated Research Project), IIWR, Karnal Indian Institute of Wheat Research, NIFTD (National Initiative on Fodder Technology Demonstration) and 164 Single Window centres in all Districts of Jharkhand are providing services and support for quality production.

  • Non Farm Activities - The various types of non-farm trainings like Poultry, Piggery, Goat rearing, Food processing and production of herbal medicines has been organized by the organization for Tribals and PVTG groups for their economic development.
  • Skill Development in the recent days Skill development programme is one of the most important activities of the organization. It tries to enhance productive capacity of the manpower available for works in the existing framework of production process through Jan Shikshan Sansthan (JSS), TIRATHE (Training Institute for Rural, Agriculture, Technology, Health and Education). Through PMKKs ( 5 Districts) (Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Kendra) and Jharkhand State Skill Development Mission in 2 Districts, the Skill enhancement of the Youths are going on. It also conserves and promote indigenous technology.

The Impact
  • Sustainable agriculture by virtue of organic farming. latest agriculture technology using scientific practices in around 2500 villages.
  • Economic self-reliance to more than 1000 women SHGs through multiple production activities such as Honey, Food processed items, Mushroom etc. They market their produce with the brand name of “VIKAS”.
  • Livelihood security to around 500 traditional artisans through skill up gradation and value addition of their products.
  • Every year 2500 youth are getting Skills in various job roles through five PMKK centres located in Palamu, Garhwa, Latehar, Gumla and Chatra Districts of Jharkhand and Saksham Skill Development Centres.
  • More than 15000 youth are self employed after getting vocational training from Jan Siskshan Sansthan and other vocational skill development initiatives in Gumla and Ranchi District.

Community Mobilization:

The organization has a history of carrying out movements and campaigns for effective governance and accountability of the state towards its people. Vikas Bharti is not an organization which only implements projects and programmes through external funding support, it is an agency which engages the communities and the state for sustaining a movement to bring social changes. Vikas Bharti organizes communities and makes them aware of their rights and entitlements so that they can demand for their rights in front of the State representatives.
The organization has vowed to work for conservation of local resources in a campaign mode. The first and foremost task in the context is to awaken the masses and make them aware of the graveness of the problem. Earlier the organization was also awarded by Vriksha Mitra Award in 1991. Still it is organizing events, seminars, workshops, Sammelans, events such as Bora Bandh campaign, Chua Dari, Nadi Poojan, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Plantation campaign etc. to promote plantation, sanitation and behavior changes towards local resources. It has also developed committees for protection of JAL JANGAL JAMEEN named Dharti Raksha wahini. Inherent potential of youths in development is invigorated through events such as cultural activities, Sports, youth festivals and through formation of youth clubs. With the name of “Yuva Vikas Wahini” 1000 youth’s clubs are made functional in Jharkhand.

The Impact
  • Community members are organizing campaigns on their own for environment protection every year before the onset of rainy season.
  • 1000 Youth clubs are organizing sports events all across Jharkhand during 2nd October to 15 October.
  • Improved life styles due to positive changes in behavior and practices of the community.
  • Strong self-governance mechanism leading to ownership of assets and facilities in villages.
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