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Race Success Stories

Some of our success stories

Drinking Water Issue Resolved in Rajkiyakrit Madhya Vidyalaya, Bongram

Bongram Village is one of the 53 villages of Kolebira block of Simdega district. It inhabits a total of 236 households and a population of 1187 consisting of 604 male and 583 females. This village has 5 ward members and is situated in Rainsia Panchayat. The name of Mukhia is Mahima Lakra.

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“An initiative by Teenagers”-Use of Solar Lamp

Previous Scenario:In one of the scale-up village,solar light was not in extensive use. Children were not aware of the benefits of the solar energy.Even after having solar lamp they were in defunct condition. They were not getting its maintenance done and hence, they used to study under conventional light (lantern/dibri).

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“Maintenance of Solar Overhead Water Tank”-Amtipani,Block-Bishunpur

Overhead solar water tank wasdefunct from last 2-3 months.Due to which villagers were facing problem of drinking water.About 150 familiesreside in the villages that were dependent on just one handpump.So early morning at 4am onwards they have to queue up for collecting water.Because of such rush people continued to consume pond water.

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“Freedom from Indoor Household Pollution”-Kudda,Murhu Block

For cooking purpose, the family was using wood and strawwhich they used to bring from the forest and the smoke given out caused irritation in the eyes and resulted in coughing. The walls of the house had become black and interior of the household had become totally dark.

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Installation of the Solar water tank

Introduction: Darlavillage is a small village situated in Murhu Block of Khunti District with 112 people residing. Problem:The people residing in the village depended on handpump for all their water needs, like cooking, washing utensils, drinking and even washing clothes.The village has 3 hand pumps of which 1 has become dysfunctional.As the handpump became dysfunctional some villagers were compelled to drink water from the open well as other 2 handpumps were far from their houses. Consumptionof water from the well resulted into various diseases like cholera, typhoid, and diarrhoea. LEADS Intervention: Acknowledging the situation intervention was made by VCEC and Gram Sabha meeting was held, in the Gram Sabha meeting, it was requested by the community to install a solar water tank. With the help of the LEADS team working under the RACE project, an application was prepared on the issue addressed to DC Khunti . The application was registered in the Gram Sabha register and the Panchayat Representatives signed it and was submitted tothe DC Khunti office with the help of VCEC.After several follow ups by the VCEC to the DC office the work started, and the solar water tank was installed. Impact: With the help of the LEADS team under the Race project, VCEC, the solar water tank was installed in Darla Village. With the installation of solar water tank, the water issue has been resolved and the people are getting clean and hygienic water.

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