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LEADS is responsible for overall management of the project. A Project Management Unit (PMU) and District Project Units (DPU) are proposed ...

Stake Holders

Stakeholders are as follows around 500 Government Officials, 464 Panchayat Raj Representatives, 343 Schools, 100 Private ..

Clean Energy

Clean energy is energy that is produced through means that do not pollute the atmosphere. It can also refer to renewable....

Clean Energy Solutions

Varoious clean energy solutions such as Solar Energy, Hydroelectric Energy, Wind Energy, Geothermal EnergyTidal Energy etc..

CES Forum

The operating systems and functions would be guided by a rights based approach and would start from the bottom .....

Policy & Programs

The Government of India is playing an active role in promoting the adoption of RE by encouraging private sector .....

About Organization

“Life Education and Development Support” (LEADS) is a voluntary non-profit organization registered under the Indian Trust Act (1882) in 2005. Our aim is to promote social inclusion and democratic governance so ... read more..