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Human Resource development on CES

Providing rural access to the mentioned CES and scaling up the technology is not possible without adequate and competent human resources. Building the technical competency among rural communities provides a strong foundation for the operations of CES. A new initiative by Government of India on skill development has been launched to empower the youth of the country with skill sets which make them more employable and more productive in their work environment.

After working on awareness generation, skill development and capacity building on CES, the project approach will be directed towards sensitization of the rural community to take up CES entrepreneurship within the region. The Green Business Challenge will be organized to identify and promote the emerging CES entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas/models. The challenge will provide a unique opportunity for rural youth and emerging entrepreneurs from the region to develop and refine their business plan with long term sustainability. Support in terms of hand holding, business incubation, mentoring and networking will be instrumental steps towards strong foundation of robust business models.

The Green Business Challenge will be open to rural youth/CSOs/enterprise having business ideas on CES. The GBC approach will also encourage individuals to put business ideas into practice in a collaborative and nurturing environment where they would be supported further upon selection. The Green Business Challenge launch envisions in bringing together more than 100 CES business ideas from different districts of Jharkhand and to create an enabling business environment in the region.

LEADS would be responsible for conducting the Green Business Challenge in Jharkhand and shortlist 20 entrepreneurs on CES with technical support of ICCO. RACE team is working on it would complete at the end of the project to get the desired result .