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Technical Support

Skill development has become a priority on the national stage and it is a priority to this sector as well. Capacity building is required at an intra-organizational level as well as for the sector as a whole. This includes skill development for technical and non-technical local authorities, CSOs, rural communities, private sector players, field staff and supervisors, middle management, senior management and social entrepreneurs.

LEADS under the RACE Project is providing technical support to all its partners in the intervention areas and beyond .For example, LEADS experts try to solve the problem of Overhead Solar Water tank which are dysfunct through maintenance and advocacy if needed through its experts professional and maintenance of Solar Street light and the LED lights .LEADS also has been providing youths for technical training to solve the problem at the village level and try to make them into entrepreneurs.

LEADS has remodified the smokeless Chulha and is on campaign mode to implement it in the intervention areas of RACE through its partners.They are getting a positive result as it has created a demand among the villagers for its training and by knowing and seeing its benefits.RACE has a expert professional who provide techinacl support for making it.

RACE Partners are working together in the field for organic farming like Amrit Krishi, Nadeb, Vermicompost, etc by means of awareness and training to the people who are interested and bringing change in the society and turning society to adopt clean energy sources.