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Product Details

LEADS along with its partners are working towards the sustainable development in the society .Stepping ahead of it, LEADS has started set up various processing unit in LEADS,Resource Centre ,Murhu,Khunti and LEADS Resource Centre at Mahuadar,Latehar.
It is fully runned by the SHG group and the skill youths trained through our programme.The products being processed are in good demand locally and outside the state.The prducts are:

  • Ragi (Millet) being processed at LEADS,Resource Centre ,Murhu,Khunti.
  • Mask which is demand is being made at LEADS,Resource Centre ,Murhu,Khunti are in huge demand after the COVID-19 .The SHG groups are planning for making for the school dress and sanitary pad in the coming future.
  • Pulses and Spice processing units are to be set up soon the machinary procurement has been one done only the raw materials are to be collected for its processing.
  • Jeera Phool Rice which is a scented rice one of the famous rice being grown in the Latehar region is being processed at LEADS Resource Centre at Mahuadar,Latehar by the SHG groups which are in huge demang locally and outside state.

These processing units are fully runned by the Solar Unit set up in the area by the LEADS and support is being provided by the UNDP and ICCO Cooperation.

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